About Enlightenfy

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We at Enlightenfy, believe that Mental health goes beyond psychological disorders and its management. It is, in fact, the state of emotional well-being that ensures our optimum functioning in all realms of life from health, relationships, parenting, work, to the way we treat ourselves and others. In this sense, Mental Health is in itself, a lens to view the world we exist in.

With a stern belief that people are the scriptwriters and protagonists of their own life, Enlightenfy is an online community of mental health professionals who aim to use their expertise to co-pilot your way towards a more a mindful way of living.

Two other components of our community are Warriors and Community Mental Healthcare (CMH);

Warriors are people like you and me who refused to give up when life unfolded in the most unexpected ways. They fought head-on and opened up the way for us. With an understanding that nothing speaks more eloquently than personal experiences, we have ensured a designated space for warrior stories to continually remind us that if they can, so can we!

Under CMH, we collaborate with other Non-profit organizations to build safety nets in the community for strengthening the system, initiating mental health education, and promoting psychosocial competence in the society.

Enlightenfy empowers you to grapple with your everyday problems and sensitizes the world to diminish the impact of mental health challenges. We are a go-to for anyone seeking guidance or ways to proactively improve their quality of life.

The World functions on the principle of dependent origination, which implies that every phenomenon owes its origin to another phenomenon before it. So to say, we all have to learn to co-exist mindfully if we want to exist peacefully. In this way, to understand the Mental Health concerns is the new cool or the new trend with which you have to orient yourself to be a part of the larger community.

Let’s come together to make Mental Health a way of life!

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